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Challenges for Webcasting—and How to Fix Them

So webcasts are awesome. What can go wrong? What Are Some of the Challenges That a Webcast Can Face? Your presentation can be boring, confusing, or just badly prepared. Your delivery can fail. Viewers at the office can have a very different experience than users at home or on the road. Users can have trouble

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Where Do All the Videos Go?

Video content is a great thing. Whether it be a 30-second viral video or a slick, magnificently produced corporate video, visual and audio content tells a story like no other medium.  We use video for everything from recreation to education and it has become our primary form of communication. However, we have reached a stage

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How to Make Great Video: Mannerisms, or How Not to be Annoying

Part of an on-going series about how to make great videos, without needing specialized tools. Read more here. Most of us have small mannerisms that are not particularly noticeable in person. But on a recording, especially if you get nervous on camera, it’s easy to overdo it. So before you commit to a long recording,


7 Ways to Please a “Cord Cutter”

More than 15% of Americans are “cord cutters” — they previously paid for a cable or satellite TV subscription, but no longer do. An additional 10% are “cord nevers”, mostly young adults who grew up with the internet and never subscribed to cable or satellite TV. By 2025, Forrester research predicts that 50% of all

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Webcasting, Web Conferencing, Web Confusion

We’ve talked a lot about webcasting lately. But not everyone is always clear on exactly what that means. What is webcasting? Webcasting is increasingly part of corporate communications. It connects global teams and serves as a virtual megaphone for executives. New tools are revolutionizing the experience, making it sleeker, more robust, and easier to use than

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Webcasting on Campus

Webcasting is increasingly a key tool for universities looking to open up their content to a broader audience. Universities are increasingly under pressure to communicate on a global level, as their network and reputation spreads around the world. Alumni outreach, special lectures, even convocation—all can benefit from live video broadcasts. Whether an address from the president or a visit


The Shift from Print to Digital in K-12

It’s a fall afternoon as I drive home and find myself behind a school bus. I don’t mind the repeated stops; I watch the students jump off the bus and cross the street. My mind starts to wander; not much has changed from this picture from when I went to school. Students still have a

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How to Make Great Video: Recording for Video Editing

Part of an on-going series about how to make great videos, without needing specialized tools. Read more here. You don’t necessarily have to edit your video. If you’re doing something simple and you’re happy with how it came out, you might be able to just upload your recording as-is. But if you’re planning to do

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Why You Need a Video Platform as Part of Your Learning Strategy

The use of video in education is rapidly increasing both in volume and in use cases. In our recently released “The State of Video in Education 2016” report, 93% of respondents said they believe that video has a positive impact on student satisfaction. In an increasingly digital landscape, how do education institutions stay relevant and


How is OTT Like a Grain Bowl?

There’s no one recipe for a successful OTT service. Just like you could never order a single lunch for your whole office and expect everyone to be happy, every media business is going to have its own needs, priorities, and focuses. Fortunately for hungry people everywhere—whether for lunch or great content—today’s OTT services can be built more like meals