Reaching Your Millennial Workforce with Video

The business landscape is undergoing a dramatic change with the entry of millennials into the workforce. A commonly asked question by corporations today is – what is the best way to communicate with this new generation of digital-savvy workers? The answer lies in video, an indispensable tool for modern businesses by virtue of its richness,


Tom Cruise, Donuts, and the Power of Onboarding Videos

“What does your company do again?” It’s a question many new hires dread. In today’s complex, global economy, businesses often offer niche services; even the most informed employee might find it difficult to explain to a friend or family member what their new company does. A good onboarding video might help. In a short two-


Why You Should Stream Your Video Meeting

by Tom-Erik Lia, CEO and Co-founder of Videxio Video is permeating nearly every industry today, from education to healthcare. Organizations are using video in new ways to connect people face-to-face, and its applications continue to evolve. Until now, though, most video communications have been planned and focused on smaller groups. Think weekly status meetings, brainstorm


The Most Popular Enterprise Video Use Cases

Two weeks ago, we released our fourth annual State of Video in the Enterprise 2017 report. We’ve already shared an infographic showing some of the highlights of how companies around the world are using video, but in the next few weeks, we’re going to dive into some of the details. First up: enterprise video use


What’s a VPAT?

In an earlier post, we talked about the accessibility mindset and why it was important for creating truly accessible content and tools. But what are the concrete steps that need to be taken to increase accessibility? And how can tools like a VPAT help? Making Strategic Choices for Accessibility The first step, of course, is


Mapping Video Usage in Education

We recently held a webinar, “The Latest Word on Video in Education: Get the 2017 Survey Results,” to review the results of the State of Video in Education 2017. But during the webinar, we also polled our attendees. So we decided to share the results of that, as well! Trends in Educational Video Usage Clearly


The State of Video in the Enterprise 2017 – Infographics Are Fun

Today, we released the State of Video in the Enterprise 2017 report. This report is chock full of fascinating insights into how businesses around the world are using video – for training, corporate communications, marketing, sales, knowledge sharing, team building, and more. In the next few weeks, we’ll dive deeper into some of those results. 


How to Roll Out Your Video Solution

So you’ve made your decision, gotten the budget, and chosen a video platform. Here are some strategies and tips that have worked well in other organizations to successfully roll out your video solution: 1. Create a roll-out plan.  Consider the timing of when you are going to launch. Whether it’s a semester start for universities

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Video Platform in Your Pocket: Using Video through the Sales Cycle

What do you do when you can’t talk to a client face-to-face? Doug Wulff, who is part of Kaltura’s intrepid sales team, loves video. He uses video through the sales cycle: to reach out to prospects, to deliver targeted pitches, to respond to questions and concerns, and to sum up conversations. Using video allows his


What’s an Accessibility Mindset?

As accessibility becomes increasingly important in education, it’s important to take a step back and consider not just the tactics of making education more accessible, but the strategy.  The most important thing to understand is that accessibility is not a set of hoops to be jumped through. There’s no magic checklist that can be completed