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YouTube or a Standalone Online Video Platform?

When thinking of an online video platform, the first word that comes to mind is almost always “YouTube.” This is hardly a surprise, given that YouTube has over one billion users—around a third of all of the people on the Internet. Indeed, thanks to the proliferation of YouTube, there has never been an easier way

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Implementing Content Aware Encoding (CAE)

Recently, we were delighted to make a change that will improve bandwidth management for our customers. The Kaltura transcoding logic now applies Content Aware Encoding (CAE) to all content ingested into Kaltura (with exceptions made for a few specific customers to account for their special needs.) What’s Content Aware Encoding (CAE)? Until fairly recently, video


6 Ways to Increase Your Video ROI

You know video can help drive your business. But do you know how to maximize your video ROI? You keep hearing how much video can increase your enterprise’s efficiency, customer relations, lead generation, employee satisfaction, and more. You may be using video throughout your organization. But are you really getting the most bang for your


Power Users: The Key to Your Success

You’re in the Manager’s weekly meeting on Monday morning and the focus is communication. Top of the agenda is revamping how your folks at the top table share their vision with employees and also how your own teams communicate with each other across the globe. Jack, the intern who has been working in the finance

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In the News: Coverage of the Funding

A quick round-up of some of the coverage of our latest funding round: The New York Times: Video Software Maker Kaltura Raises $50 Million From Goldman Kaltura, which makes software that allows users such as companies and universities to upload and share video over the web, has raised $50 million from Goldman Sachs’s private capital

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Future-Proof: Key Considerations for Designing an OTT Solution

The world of OTT moves fast; technologies and consumer expectations are constantly evolving. So how do you make sure your OTT solution isn’t obsolete months after launching it? In this video from Kaltura Connect, Paul Larbey from Nokia walks through some of the key considerations you’ll need to address while designing an OTT solution to


Evaluating Teaching Software Tools

Students and teachers are both continuously tested, reviewed and ranked to ensure they are achieving a high standard and to identify where there are issues so they can get more support and improve. If we are performing these reviews with our people, why are we not doing so with our teaching software tools? The importance


Kaltura Refreshed

For years now, Kaltura has been the leading video platform. This week, we got a big vote of confidence, along with a brand new look. New Funding Round We’re pleased to announce that we’ve secured a $50 million pre-IPO funding round from Goldman Sachs’ Private Capital Investing group. Holger Staude, Vice President in Goldman Sachs’

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How Interactive Video Quizzing Helps Teachers & Students

As we wrap up the summer conferences and prepare for back-to-school I’m starting to get more and more requests for interactive video quizzing. I have no doubt it’s because of the recent announcement of Workday acquiring Zaption. With this sudden excitement and interest with interactive video quizzing, I decided to explore the pedagogical advantages of

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Net Neutrality, Meet Video

Net neutrality is the idea that Internet service providers (ISPs) like telephone and cable companies should not discriminate or charge differently for types of data, users, or attached equipment. It is the Internet we now know. In the U.S. this principle has set the stage for a fierce battle between ISPs and growing businesses, small