We are excited to announce Kaltura’s new clipping and trimming tool that was launched in Eagle version.

The new clipping tool is used inside the KMC and it’s also a stand alone application. It consists of KDP or HTML 5 player to show you the movie you are about to edit and a time bar which is used as a visual aid when editing your videos. So the clipping tool enables you to edit your videos visually or by setting the start time and end time of your clip.

Kaltura's new clipping tool
One of the major obstacles while developing it, was to get to it’s current presicion which is up to a milisecond!

The clipping tool is basically a “bridge” between the KDP, the time bar, and the start time / end time fields. It synchronizes all of them so if you perform any action on the any widget or field,  the others will be updated accordingly.

The clipping tool time bar is a standalone widget developed in Flex that shows the time line of an entry.

One of it’s major features is the ability to create a new clipped entry from a given entry as it’s name suggested. You can even replace the original entry with the new clip – so your clip source can be trimmed as well.

The time bar is basically a bar with public API’s like: AddCuePoint, AddClip, ScrollToPoint and more cool API’s.
As a general rule all the time bar UI abilities can be performed from external java script or Flash using its public API that will be released soon.

Like all Kaltura widgets it has a very flexible UI. You can display or hide any UI component and even change the time bar skin by editing the UIConf or using Flash vars directly.

Don’t forget to call the save API to save your changes once your done.

You can: download the code

Or just: play with it

Developed by Michal Radwanzor and Ran Yefet.

Website Comments

  1. Scott

    I tried to use this on my server but when I try to save the clip it gives the fatal error:
    “Flavor asset id “” not found”

    From some digging I see that its making a request to http://www.kaltura.com/api_v3/index.php?service=media&action=addContent when it gets the error and looking at the api documentation for the media:addContent http://www.kaltura.com/api_v3/testmeDoc/index.php?service=media&action=addcontent I don’t even see that as a possible error.

    How can I resolve this problem?

  2. Zohar Babin

    Hi Anu, it really depends on your needs.

    The application you mentioned above are community based solutions that are no longer actively maintained.

    If you’re looking for a pro-like editing system such as iMovie or Premiere, Kaltura is probably not the best solution.
    You might want to try solutions like http://www.wevideo.com/ that can also integrate with Kaltura.
    Kaltura will serve greatly as the management layer for such collaborative editing system.

    If you’re looking for more simple tools such clipping and trimming or maybe stitching a playlist together, then using the Kaltura widgets and APIs you can create such great custom apps.

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