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Reinvent Your Company Call with These Easy Tips!

You passed the job interview, now get ready for the audition. Corporations are increasingly using town halls in new and imaginative ways, yet few take it further than one of the world’s biggest social media companies where newbies are asked to share their “super power” live in front of the entire company. “Colleagues have sung,


The Doctor’s Dilemma: Can Video Save a Surgery?

The other day, I was talking to a friend at Pilates. She’s a gynecologist specializing in in vitro fertilization. A big part of her job revolves around her ability to perform delicate surgery. She was telling me how recently she had been in the middle of an operation when abruptly, the operating microscope she was


7 Ways to Please a “Cord Cutter”

More than 15% of Americans are “cord cutters” — they previously paid for a cable or satellite TV subscription, but no longer do. An additional 10% are “cord nevers”, mostly young adults who grew up with the internet and never subscribed to cable or satellite TV. By 2025, Forrester research predicts that 50% of all

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Virtual Summit: A Conference Without Borders

A customer conference is the one time a year when you get to connect face-to-face with many of your customers. For many companies, this is the single largest marketing activity of the year. Companies use these to launch new products, to share thought leading ideas, to introduce a new executive, to establish their brand, and

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Marketing for the Future

Online video is quickly becoming the common medium of our age, challenging marketers to rethink their strategies and toolset, and presenting them with new ways to engage their audience. As I write this, my 6-year-old daughter is watching a lecture on iTunes U to complete an assignment about elephants; my 8-year-old is on YouTube, learning