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The Golden Age of Online Video Quizzing

Online video quizzes are   A) Awesome  B) Easy C) Affordable D) All the above Answer: D, of course. People love to quiz and be quizzed using video online. Just look at HQ Trivia’s success. Since launch in August 2017, it’s grown rapidly drawing over 100,000 viewers for some episode and raising millions in investment. We

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Academic Institutions: Don’t Put Out an RFP Without These Key Questions!

Writing an RFP for a video platform is hard. At Kaltura, we see many of them and we’re happy to share some of the knowledge we’ve accumulated over the years. So, without further ado, here’s a list of questions that you, an employee at an academic institution putting together an RFP for an educational video


How to Win a Hackathon

Hackathons are fun, short, intense events where a bunch of geeky developers come together to compete over creating cool software. It’s about participation, collaboration and the joy of creation. But you also want to win.  In my first such experience, our team lost – or at least didn’t come among the top four entries. In


Intermodality Offers Students Deeper Learning Experiences: Thanks to Liam Neeson and Co.

There are many wonderful resources to draw on when teaching the rich history of the British Isles: Medieval texts like the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and Domesday Book have survived intact, while exquisite works of art like the Bayeux Tapestry and the vivid paintings of J.M.W Turner offer wonderful contemporary visuals. And then there’s Liam Neeson, of


Tom Cruise, Donuts, and the Power of Onboarding Videos

“What does your company do again?” It’s a question many new hires dread. In today’s complex, global economy, businesses often offer niche services; even the most informed employee might find it difficult to explain to a friend or family member what their new company does. A good onboarding video might help. In a short two-


Top Four Ways Businesses Are Leveraging Live Streaming

Live video isn’t just for media companies. Businesses across a wide spectrum of industries use it successfully every day saving money, time and, sometimes, lives. Use cases range from town halls to board meetings, construction site feeds to religious sermons. Here are four popular and efficient ways businesses and organizations are using live video for

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VR 360 Fulfills Dreams and Captures the Imagination

  Virtual reality and 360-video have the power to fulfill dreams. Case in point: Vital Zinger is an accomplished lawyer, an advocate for people with disabilities, and a member of the Israeli national Wheelchair DanceSport team – a form of competitive dancing where one of the participants is in a wheelchair.  Yet despite her many

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Teachers Community Releases Cheat Sheet Aimed At Helping Clients Use Kaltura

These teachers don’t mind if you copy their homework. Teachers Pay Teachers – the world’s largest online marketplace where teachers exchange tips and info with each other – put out a blog Monday describing how it integrated Kaltura into their platform, complete with helpful code and easy-to-understand charts. Earlier this year, the online teaching community