Free and Open Live Video Streaming

Live streaming is in much demand nowadays. Kaltura first introduced an end to end live streaming solution back in 2013. The Kaltura Live Streaming mechanism makes use of the Wowza streaming engine [] and the code for Kaltura’s side of things can be found here: Wowza’s software is well established and it definitely works.


The Kaltura VPaaS Website – Behind the Scenes

We’ve recently launched VPaaS [Kaltura Video as a Service]. VPaaS‘ main goal is to significantly reduce time to market, making building video powered applications and work-flows simple and flexible. It enables you to scale quickly without worrying about the “video pipeline” by abstracting all of the complexities involved in handling both Live and VOD (ingestion, transcoding, structured and time-coded metadata,


JaM: PHP App Monitoring Made Easy

A few months back, we, at Kaltura, held an internal hackathon, this post will cover my hackathon project: a PHP monitoring system called JaM. The Need I started thinking about JaM following a conversation I had with a colleague of mine. His team had a fatal error in their code because the person who wrote

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Announcing: Kaltura support for PHP7

PHP 7 was officially released by the PHP team on Dec 3rd, 2015. This post is meant to be a general guide for people who wish to know what PHP 7 is about and what to expect when porting their code from PHP 5.5 to PHP 7, as well as a technical description of our

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Automatic Scaling with Chef and Kaltura API

This post demonstrates how to automatically scale a Kaltura cluster based on system load monitoring using Opscode Chef and Kaltura API


Introducing KIPP – Kaltura Install Made Simple

The installation of Kaltura, just like the platform itself, went through a lot of metamorphosis over the years. We put many resources into making Kaltura the best media management platform. Featuring a comprehensive batch system, complex metadata engine, robust entitlement mechanisms, simplified video transcoding and more. Alas, built on many different technologies, the installation of