Why Law Firms Need Video Tools

Today’s law firms have more data to manage than ever before, while clients’ patience seems to be getting shorter every year. It’s becoming a real knowledge management issue. How can lawyers access the knowledge they need fast, so they can get answers back to their clients quickly? Tapping Video for Law Firm Knowledge Management (and

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Archiving Webcasts

There are two ways to set up the URL for a webcast. With one method, there is a target URL from which live broadcasts are made; the resulting recordings are then found elsewhere. With the other, a single URL is assigned to the entire event; the recording continues to be found at that persistent URL

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Living in the Post-Text Future

We’ve said for a while that the future is video. It’s more efficient and more compelling than text. Earlier this week, the New York Times agreed with us. In an article called “Welcome to the Post-Text Future,” Farhad Manjoo writes,  …we have only just begun to glimpse the deeper, more kinetic possibilities of an online

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Podcasts…for Your Company!

Yesterday, I was talking to a client (who shall remain nameless; let’s just say they’re a major international corporation you’ve definitely heard of). With so many employees spread across so many business units in so many different countries, keeping everyone on the same page is a major concern. They’ve taken a page from the millennial


So Many Kinds of Corporate Training!

What comes to mind, when you think of corporate training? Is it a hired trainer lecturing to a packed conference room? A series of online modules new hires have to complete in their first weeks on the job? A formal certification process? Or maybe it’s wider than that. Learning and development come not just from


How Businesses Really Used Video in 2017

Last month, we ran a webinar sharing the results of our State of Video in the Enterprise survey from 2017. During the webinar, though, we also asked our participants some questions about how their businesses really used video last year. Watching Video for Business How much video are people actually watching as part of their


Why Use Video for Business?

A few weeks ago, we released the report from our annual State of Video in the Enterprise 2017 survey. We’ve talked about some of the most popular uses for video that were revealed by the survey. But why do people use video for business in the first place? The Value of Video for Business When


CSU-Chico’s Journey Towards Digital Accessibility

Many schools are in the process of making their content more accessible. But what are the steps needed to get there? Check out this infographic mapping out California State University – Chico’s path to digital accessibility. CSU-Chico’s journey towards digital accessibility CSU-Chico was founded in 1887. Today, more than 17,000 students are enrolled. In 2004,


The Most Popular Enterprise Video Use Cases

Two weeks ago, we released our fourth annual State of Video in the Enterprise 2017 report. We’ve already shared an infographic showing some of the highlights of how companies around the world are using video, but in the next few weeks, we’re going to dive into some of the details. First up: enterprise video use


What’s a VPAT?

In an earlier post, we talked about the accessibility mindset and why it was important for creating truly accessible content and tools. But what are the concrete steps that need to be taken to increase accessibility? And how can tools like a VPAT help? Making Strategic Choices for Accessibility The first step, of course, is