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Scaling Video Production…with the Help of Students

When the demand for professional-quality video production outstripped the capacity of the University of Portland’s Academic Technology Services, Samuel Williams had a brilliant idea. He began a student-run production studio. After hiring his team, he turned over the project to them – everything from picking a name to deciding on goals for the year. Will

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Helping Students Develop a Personal Brand

The University of Portland Pamplin School of Business features a co-curricular personal and professional development program. While students learn the technical aspects of business, they are also expected to learn about themselves. Students work to develop their own personal and professional goals. Director of Professional Development Program Gwynn Klobes wanted to help her students answer

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Increasing Sales with… Interactive Video Quizzes?

There are plenty of ways for a business to increase sales. Developing competitive advantages, better marketing, greater incentives for sales staff, amazing promotions and deals, and making sure current customers stay happy and make big impacts. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. But most of these strategies have a single failure point in common:

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Changing Employee Behavior through Video

One of the hardest challenges for a business is trying to make a widespread change in employee behavior. The key? Video. Delivering information in a more engaging, easily absorbed format helps makes it more likely that the information will sink in. It spurs people to action far more effectively (and cost-effectively) than most other methods.

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Ticket to the Flipped Classroom

At the University of Portland, professors knew that lectures were not always the best way to teach students. Long lectures were “dry, lifeless” and not as effective as more kinesthetic learning. Using hands-on material — to teach disease processes in the nursing curriculum, for example — was far superior. So they flipped the classroom, using video

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Video Assignments that Assess More than Knowledge

Pharmacy students are expected to know more than just facts; being able to communicate that information is just as important. How could their instructors evaluate both knowledge and skills simultaneously, without increasing their own workloads? The University of Queensland is one of the larger Australian institutions of higher education, with 50,000 students. They have been accustomed

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NSB Case Study: Keeping Employees Up to Date

Today’s global enterprises require cooperation of far-flung employees, but still need to adapt to changes in the business environment at a moment’s notice.  When the Norwegian Railway Company (NSB) faced a major change in how they did business, they had to find a way to reduce costs, increase competitiveness, and improve customer focus. How could

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MetLife case study: Innovation in Employee Engagement

Video is one of the most powerful ways to engage your employees. It’s convenient, personal, and even fun. MetLife recognized that it faced a big communications challenge as it looked to build employee understanding and support for its corporate strategy. They chose to build a social video strategy. The resulting solution, OneVoice, is based on

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Designing for Accessibility

As video increasingly plays a critical role in education, accessibility has become a major concern. Adding captions on request is no longer a sustainable practice. How are educational institutions today approaching video accessibility strategically? With a massive online video library and a mission to provide a high-quality student experience for both traditional and non-traditional populations,

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Game of Clones: How HBO Increased Reuse Without Increased Effort

At Kaltura Connect, leaders from media, enterprise, and education shared some key insights on how to use video more effectively. In this video, join HBO’s John Narus to learn how to increase the efficiency of your TV marketing efforts. Media companies are experts at creating content; but managing that content efficiently is a challenge in