The Impact of Video on Schools

In previous weeks, we’ve been examining some of the results of The State of Video in Education 2017 – A Kaltura Report. Now let’s focus on the impact of video on schools, both for students and teachers. Video ROI is a critical part of deciding how to deploy video in the field. How Video Affects Students First, we


5 Common Pitfalls in Lecture Capture

Earlier this week, we discussed some of the common pitfalls in lecture capture educational institutions encounter. Now, we’ve summed it up in this easy infographic. If you’re looking to install or expand a lecture capture solution, don’t get caught by some of the common traps. See how you can make sure your lecture capture works

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Avoiding the Biggest Mistakes in Lecture Capture

by Wes Haverlah Your campus needs a lecture capture solution. Maybe you’re just starting out; maybe you’re trying to make the jump from recording one or two of the biggest lecture halls to more comprehensive coverage. Either way, you can’t afford too many mistakes. Want to know how to avoid some of the big potential


How Lecture Capture is Being Approached in 2017

In previous weeks, we’ve been examining some of the results of The State of Video in Education 2017 – A Kaltura Report. Today, let’s take a look at one of today’s hot topics: Lecture Capture. Lecture Capture Today While lecture capture has become an increasingly hot topic in education, at the moment, it’s still far


The Kids of Today Are the Students and Employees of Tomorrow

Let’s talk about kids a little bit. My kids. How Kids Use Screens Today Entertain Themselves My kids love to play Minecraft. It started couple of years ago with my 9 years old, and now his younger brothers play as well, even the 5 years old. They take their imaginary worlds of knights, secret agents, family and

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Using VR 360 Video as a Teaching Tool

We’ve talked before about the power of 360 video. There’s a huge potential for polished, high production pieces to fully immerse people in another world. But there’s also a lot of potential for the DIY crowd these days, using (relatively) inexpensive cameras and a little video editing software. So we decided to take a look


How Video is Being Used in Education in 2017

Earlier this week, we published The State of Video in Education 2017 – A Kaltura Report. We’ve already shared an infographic highlighting some of the top statistics about how video is being used in education this year. But we’d like to dive a little deeper into the data and explore. How Do Teachers and Students


The State of Video in Education 2017 – The Infographic!

We’ve just released the State of Video in Education 2017 report, which is full of all kinds of amazing insights on how educators around the world are using video. We’ll delve into some of these insights in greater detail in some upcoming blog posts. But to mark the release, we wanted to share an infographic


Belly Up to the Bar…Virtually!

By Russ Lichterman Russ Lichterman at Wilmington University joins us today to share some of his experiences in creating an online course that went beyond the classroom.  When our face-to-face students at Wilmington University were offered the chance to sign up for a class about beer it was a hardly a shock when seats filled

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Live From Kaltura!

Kaltura customers around the world, from every vertical—whether media companies, businesses, governmental organizations, or educational institutions—have been embracing live streaming! We wanted to take a moment and share a little of what our customers have been up to with live video.   How are you using live streaming in your own organization? Want to know