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Kaltura’s Compliance with the GDPR [Repost]

In honor of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) going into effect today, we are reposting an earlier post about how Kaltura is addressing the GDPR. Q: What is the GDPR? A: The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an act of EU legislation intended to give individuals greater control over their personal data while harmonizing and


Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2018

Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day! In honor of the efforts to make today’s content accessible to everyone, we’re running some of the results of a survey we conducted last fall. We reached out to Kaltura education customers around the globe and asked them to share what they’re doing, and how they think about video

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The Reflection Point: How to Bring Viewers’ Attention Back to Your Video

Our attention span is becoming shorter and shorter. While video can carry an immense amount of information, it does no good if the viewers do not actually watch the video itself. Now, there are different tricks to make a video easier to comprehend. You can create smaller videos to begin with. Or you can cut


Is This the Least Likely Online Community Yet? Meet the “Study Tubers”

Studying can feel lonely; hours and hours locked up in one’s room preparing for stressful exams. Some teenagers are coping by creating “cram videos,” short clips where they trade study techniques and forge friendships. A few like 18-year-old Jade Bowler, who goes by the name UnJaded Jade online, have gathered a following of millions over YouTube.


Last chance to take the State of Video in Education survey!

It’s the last week of our State of Video in Education survey! So if you haven’t given us your opinion on how video is being used in education, this is your last shot this year. From lecture capture to VR, we want to know what you’re seeing and what you think of it all. Every

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Behind the Scenes of the Live Dashboard

We recently introduced the live dashboard for live and webcasting events. The live dashboard provides feedback on the incoming stream and give proactive advice when something goes wrong. We created this dashboard in response to customer feedback about how their webcasting events were going. We found that many of the issues people have with live

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How to Launch an Initiative: Kaltura at Virginia Tech

If you’re looking for a way to share a new product you’re launching at your institution, Virginia Tech is in the middle of a nice roll-out. On their website, they’ve posted an article explaining the new systems: Virginia Tech has selected Zoom and Kaltura as the university’s primary platforms for interactive video, lecture capture, and

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Addressing Accessibility Through an Integrated Approach

by Chris Aldin Accessibility is an important topic on the minds of today’s institutions due to an increased demand for more options and flexibility around how students learn. This is especially true when it comes to the digital course content that students are consuming daily. But with vast amounts of courses and content, how do

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How to Introduce Kaltura to Your Campus

When schools want to roll out Kaltura on their campus(es), what better way to introduce the video platform to their staff and students than through video? The University of Sheffield, a world-renowned school and one of the UK’s top research universities, recently produced a truly excellent promotional video to help their audience understand how to


Introducing Kaltura Learning

Exciting news!  We’ve just launched a new and improved Kaltura Learning site (currently in beta mode). This video site includes short, up-to-date “how to” video tutorials and courses for a variety of our applications, extensions and features.    Want to know how to schedule a lecture capture? Need some tips on making sure a webcast