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Who Does What? Setting Up Your Webcasting Team

I was recently talking to a new webcasting client, and they wanted to know more about how to set up their webcasting team. Which department did the team sit with? How many people would need to be involved? How had other customers formed their teams around webcasting? It wasn’t the kind of question that has

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Video Platform in Your Pocket: Using Video through the Sales Cycle

What do you do when you can’t talk to a client face-to-face? Doug Wulff, who is part of Kaltura’s intrepid sales team, loves video. He uses video through the sales cycle: to reach out to prospects, to deliver targeted pitches, to respond to questions and concerns, and to sum up conversations. Using video allows his

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Getting the Most (Engagement) from Your Webcast

While the benefits of webcasting (especially for the audience) are clear, sometimes it takes a little attention to detail to get the full effect. Webcasting is an amazing tool for getting viewers more engaged than some of the more traditional outreach efforts. But how do you make sure your audience is really paying attention? Here’s a

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Why It’s Time to Consider an Enterprise Content Delivery Network Strategy

Video is and will become even more critical to your organization. You only have to look at some of the stats to tell that video is a huge and growing part of business today: Globally IP video traffic will be 82 percent of all consumer traffic by 2020 55% of people watch videos online everyday

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Avoiding the Biggest Mistakes in Lecture Capture

by Wes Haverlah Your campus needs a lecture capture solution. Maybe you’re just starting out; maybe you’re trying to make the jump from recording one or two of the biggest lecture halls to more comprehensive coverage. Either way, you can’t afford too many mistakes. Want to know how to avoid some of the big potential

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Using VR 360 Video as a Teaching Tool

We’ve talked before about the power of 360 video. There’s a huge potential for polished, high production pieces to fully immerse people in another world. But there’s also a lot of potential for the DIY crowd these days, using (relatively) inexpensive cameras and a little video editing software. So we decided to take a look

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Live From Kaltura!

Kaltura customers around the world, from every vertical—whether media companies, businesses, governmental organizations, or educational institutions—have been embracing live streaming! We wanted to take a moment and share a little of what our customers have been up to with live video.   How are you using live streaming in your own organization? Want to know

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Three Tips for Getting More from Your LMS

At the end of May, I celebrated my three-year anniversary as a Kaltura Solutions Engineer on our Education team. By “celebrate,” I of course mean woke up to a few congratulatory messages on LinkedIn and maybe finished the day off with a nice craft brew. Ah, the delights of working remotely. Anyway, this occasion made

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How Are Businesses Really Using Webcasting?

Webcasting has become a major trend in corporate communications, both internal and external. As video assumes a leading role in our everyday communication, using live video to get a message out has become less of a gimmick and more of a routine. But how are companies actually using webcasting in their day-to-day business? we.CONECT took

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Having Fun with Classroom Capture

With the release of Kaltura Lecture Capture into General Availability, we also have a new video to share. We tried to have a little fun with classroom capture. Kale smoothie, anyone?     Find out more about Kaltura Lecture Capture.