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Walking through Lecture Capture

The key to an effective lecture capture system is making it effortless. Instructors have more than enough to do, trying to create an effective learning environment and manage a classroom full of students. They don’t need to be wrangling with their lecture capture technology on top of it all.  Take a tour of Kaltura Lecture

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3 Reasons Businesses Have Video Delivery Problems

There are a host of reasons why a business might have video delivery problems. They range from outdated players to poorly formatted videos to physical problems with the network. But as more companies use video for more use cases, it’s increasingly important to have a video delivery strategy. It’s one thing to have the occasional fuzzy video

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5 Steps to Move Your Enterprise Communications to Live Video

Introduction to Live Video for Enterprise Communications Most businesses that reach a certain headcount start to think about effective internal communications strategies. What mediums are best to use? What types of content get the most attention, and what’s the best method of delivery? Among the leading organizations who have the most effective internal communications, there

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From Open Capture Standard to Lecture Capture – Our Journey to Kaltura Lecture Capture

For years, schools have been recording lectures. As storage costs decreased and technology improved, the volume of recordings has gone up. At the same time, students have become increasingly accustomed to turning to video first for answers in their everyday lives. Many students now expect to have all of their classes available online for them

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eCDN and the Future Impact of Video on Your Network

People see the streaming of video growing, not just in their personal lives, but in their professional lives as well. Video has amazing benefits for business. Yet it comes with a price—video can also take a huge amount of storage and bandwidth to handle. For many businesses, it is not clear how much space is

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Challenges for Webcasting—and How to Fix Them

So webcasts are awesome. What can go wrong? What Are Some of the Challenges That a Webcast Can Face? Your presentation can be boring, confusing, or just badly prepared. Your delivery can fail. Viewers at the office can have a very different experience than users at home or on the road. Users can have trouble

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Webcasting, Web Conferencing, Web Confusion

We’ve talked a lot about webcasting lately. But not everyone is always clear on exactly what that means. What is webcasting? Webcasting is increasingly part of corporate communications. It connects global teams and serves as a virtual megaphone for executives. New tools are revolutionizing the experience, making it sleeker, more robust, and easier to use than

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Webcasting on Campus

Webcasting is increasingly a key tool for universities looking to open up their content to a broader audience. Universities are increasingly under pressure to communicate on a global level, as their network and reputation spreads around the world. Alumni outreach, special lectures, even convocation—all can benefit from live video broadcasts. Whether an address from the president or a visit

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Webcasting by Role: Webcasting Audience

Two weeks ago, we talked about webcasting from the presenter’s view. But there’s an important group we haven’t discussed yet: the webcasting audience. The audience does not have much to do with the production of the webcasting, which means it can be surprisingly easy to lose sight of their experience with the platform. But more

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Webcasting by Role: Webcasting Presenters

A few weeks ago, we talked about webcasting from the producer’s point of view. Now, let’s take a look at webcasting presenters. Making sure that the presenter is confident in both the material and the webcasting tools is the key to a smooth, engaging presentation. Key Tips for Webcasting Presenters Planning Don’t wing it. Script