After months of testing and bug crunching – thank you all who installed from SVN and reported bugs and patches! – Three weeks ago at Kaltura DevConnect, we launched the shiny new version of Kaltura CE, aka Eagle, version 5.0.

The Kaltura CE 5.0 release notes include all major new features and a list of issues that were pushed to next release.

This CE release brings the following highlights –

  1. Improved installation process.
  2. Two packages – Download Here.
  3. Testing infrastructure – the release has a built in testing infrastructure to test Kaltura server and API’s! Stay tuned as we’ll explain how to set it up and use it.
  4. A new Users Roles and Permissions model.
  5. Many new additions to the Admin Console.
  6. Improved Content Distribution module.
  7. New and improved model for Creating Kaltura Server Plugins.

Rackspace and Amazon images are coming soon!

Join the thread about migration steps and help make upgrading Kaltura easy and possible.

We recommend using CentOS 5.6 and above.

If you’d like to test Kaltura without installing CE, start your free trial here.


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  1. shawn

    What is the advised upgrade process for those of us who installed the CE5 svn a few months ago prior to the new changes?

    I don’t see any information on the upgrade process anywhere.

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