You can check also the CE4 and Red5 integration video post series.

We’ve  done a little back room hacking over the Thanksgiving holiday to bring you a relatively easy way to add the free open source Red5 Flash Server to our Community Edition 3. The result?  Live streaming for your events, RTMP streaming for your existing videos, and our  webcam, all working with CE 3.

Your users can now record themselves via the Kaltura Contribution Wizard (KCW) webcam and those recordings can be saved, transcoded, and distributed like any other video.

RTMP streaming is available via the Kaltura Dynamic Player (KDP) for all of your videos.

You can also create multiple live streams in CE 3. A fun way to test them is to stream your webcam from your laptop using the free Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder.

Our Red5 Integration Guide has all the details!

As always, we’re looking forward to your feedback. If you found a cool way to extend this or found a bug, please share in the comments, CE forum or issues queue 🙂

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  1. Billa R

    I have a streaming website which uses mp4 modules instead of wowza but can i integrate with kalthura for webcam streaming? Please any help would be good.

  2. Ananthavel Sundararajan

    Do we need to pay for getting KalturaCE4.0 CE livestreaming Option?

  3. Arvind Das

    I performed everything. Till now I am successful . But, when I try to create a new livestream, “Stream Name” from its preview section is unavailable . What mistake I am making? any gusses?

  4. Arvind Das

    I integrated CE4 with Red5 and I can perform rtmp streaming in preview and embed section. But I am unable to see “Create New Live Stream” option in content>Manage window.
    What has gone wrong? Can anyone tell me? Or is there any problem due to installation?
    Needed help urgently

  5. Arvind Das

    Heya….great work…I was successful in live streaming with CE 3.0. Now , i want to perform same with CE 4.0. Documentation of CE 3 is not of much help as modifications have been made. Please update something for CE 4.0 too.(will prefer with Red5)

  6. Zohar Babin

    You can connect your Kaltura CE to Akamai account if you have one.
    As alternative, you use, that comes bundled in with an akamai account by default.

  7. Bill

    As a follow-up question:

    Is there any place that we can find an experienced developer/consultant that knows Kaltura CE, Cloudfront, and how to put it all together?


  8. Bill

    How can we get the Live stream from the Red5 server to a CDN?

    We have up to about 5,000 people viewing some of our Live streams. I think we are going to need a CDN to get that sort of capacity.

  9. Aparna Ramakrishnan

    How can I live stream recordings of live events through a Video Camera, not a webcam? What kind of set up am I required to set up?

  10. Zohar Babin

    Hi Ben,

    Check out the last part of the guide (or the blog post).

    === edit ===
    I just realized you asked a different question 🙂
    FMLE doesn’t provide an option to record, unless you have FMS 3.5 and above which provides DVR.
    However, there’s an easy way around it, you will need to modify the oflaDemo application in Red5 or create a new application that will do recording of live sterams, here’s how you do it.
    After the stream finished recording though, you will need to call the media.addFromWebcam api call so Kaltura will ingest that new recording you made.

  11. ben

    tried and tested and all working., is it possible to record a live broadcast in kaltura ?

    not from a webcam but from flash media encoder, through the live stream provisioning.,


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