Have you thought about having your Kaltura videos right inside your iGoogle page next to your daily news and weather updates?

With the Kaltura iGoogle gadget from the Kaltura Exchange Lab you can watch your favorite videos in your iGoogle page and/or use this gadget as a reference code to get started with implementing your application using OpenSocial and Kaltura API.

What is Kaltura’s iGoogle gadget?

The Kaltura iGoogle gadget is an OpenSocial gadget which allows watching Kaltura videos right inside your iGoogle page.

Kaltura iGoogle Gadget

How to install the Kaltura iGoogle gadget?

  • Go to http://www.google.com/ig , click “Add Gadget” at the top left corner , and paste the following URL into “Add feed or gadget” box


  • Go back to your iGoogle page and enter your Kaltura KMC account User Name and Password or Sign up for a free trail to get one. Login operation needs to be performed only once.
  • Enjoy the videos which are located either in your “iGoogle” category in the KMC (it needs to be created manually) or the last video which was uploaded into your Kaltura account.
Kaltura iGoogle Gadget Login


For more details about the gadget  installation and usage  go to the Kaltura Exchange listing: http://exchange.kaltura.com/content/kaltura-igoogle-gadget 

How is the gadget implemented?

The gadget utilizes OpenSocial APIs. Specifically osapi.http.post is used to request container to send REST requests and process responses from and to  Kaltura’s servers. When all necessary information is obtained the gadget creates corresponding <object> tags for Kaltura players and embeds them into the webpage.

Feel free to extend this gadget by adding OpenSocial and Kaltura features to it!

Why OpenSocial ?

OpenSocial (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenSocial) is seeing wider adoption in enterprise companies as a pluggable extension mechanism for web products and social business initiatives.

Companies such as IBM, Atlassian, Jive Software and many others have adopted OpenSocial in their applications and platforms.

The following is a living document containing a list of all OpenSocial containers that are currently being implemented, both on the open and enterprise sides.


Developing your Kaltura application on top of OpenSocial will make it work with any OpenSocial-enabled website and  pluggable across many popular platforms.

What does social video mean to you ? What social applications and features around videos would benefit you and your organization?

Leave us a comment here or  at the Kaltura Exchange  to share your thoughts.

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