For CE4 and Red 5 Integration video toturials read: Webcam Recording Using Red5 and RTMP and Live Stream using Red5 

Hot on the heels of our Red5 Integration Guide is an even easier way to get Red5 up and running with Kaltura Community Edition 3 (CE 3).  We are pleased to offer an Amazon EC2 AMI with Red5 1.0 beta pre-installed.

ami-8005f3e9 – This is Kaltura CE 3.0 with Red5 running on 32-bit Ubuntu 10.4 LTS

[May 12th, 2011 update. A security update has been made to this AMI to remove ssh keys left in the image. the new image is below]

ami-3aac5253  – This is Kaltura CE 3.0 with Red5 running on 32-bit Ubuntu 10.4 LTS

Once an instance is running, you just finish the CE 3 install as usual (see  our Amazon EC2 Guide for details) and then simply perform two more commands:

cd /home/ubuntu
sudo bash

That’s all there is to it. Red5 is now running and integrated with CE 3 adding significant functionality to your Kaltura installation [our Red5 Integration Guide has been updated with these instructions.]

Broadcast live using the free Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder (or use your favorite live streaming application)

Red5 adds three important features to CE 3:

  • Record and playback from the webcam
  • Stream videos using RTMP
  • Broadcast multiple live streams

For a list of known issues with the Red5+CE3 integration, see the bottom of our Red5 Integration guide.

We hope you’ll test out the Red5/CE3 integration and provide feedback in our forums, and post bug reports on our bug tracker.

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Website Comments

  1. Manuel M

    Hi, thanks Roni Cohen, do you if there are an ami with CE 4 and RED5? Thanks.

  2. Roni Cohen

    I would suggest trying to install CE 5.0 or at least CE 4.0, which are our newest releases.
    We are working to release CE 5.0 AMI image soon.

  3. steve

    I don’t see ami-3aac5253 either…I installed ami-d8ad53b1 but don’t see the red5 install script

  4. Matthew Hume

    Thanks for the reply. I don’t think ami-3aac5253 is up anymore. I can’t find it.

  5. Zohar Babin

    Currently there’s only CE3 based AMIs that are stable.

    • ami-3aac5253 – Red5 + CE3
    • ami-9cad53f5 – CE3 64bit
    • ami-d8ad53b1 – CE3 32bit

    When you search Kaltura in the community AMIs, you’ll get a longer list. The other AMIs on the list are not yet stable, but good for testing.

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