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How is OTT Like a Grain Bowl?

There’s no one recipe for a successful OTT service. Just like you could never order a single lunch for your whole office and expect everyone to be happy, every media business is going to have its own needs, priorities, and focuses. Fortunately for hungry people everywhere—whether for lunch or great content—today’s OTT services can be built more like meals

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Winning the 2016 IBC Hackfest

The IBC Hackfest is a hackathon in which over 100 talented developers, designers, and entrepreneurs have 36 hours to build out an innovative new  concept that leverages partner technology. This year, Kaltura Front End R&D Group Leader Itay Kinnrot and his team took first place with their hack, Skipaclass. It all started on a sunny Saturday

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Webcasting by Role: Webcasting Audience

Two weeks ago, we talked about webcasting from the presenter’s view. But there’s an important group we haven’t discussed yet: the webcasting audience. The audience does not have much to do with the production of the webcasting, which means it can be surprisingly easy to lose sight of their experience with the platform. But more


Last Chance to Participate in the Enterprise Video Survey

There’s still time for your voice to be heard! We’re in the final week of our 2016 State of Video in the Enterprise survey. And we still want to hear from you! As we mentioned, we’re running one of the largest surveys on enterprise video. (Missed last year’s? Check it out here.) Last year, hundreds of professionals

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What Will the Workplace Look Like in a Video World?

Video communication is more popular today than the written word. Marketing video has been around since the introduction of TV; in more recent times, we’ve gotten accustomed to video conferencing, enabling those at distance to feel present and connected. But today’s workers increasingly see video not as a sometimes-tool, but as an all-the-time, “I need to have it

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Transforming Banking and Financial Services with Video

Video is instrumental in our daily lives and increasingly it’s becoming an important part of how we do business. Leading banking and financial institutions are now leveraging audio and video across the organization, keeping employees informed of ever-more-stringent regulations and increasing cross- and up-selling opportunities. Video content helps capture key details and facts, making an

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How to Make Great Video: Setting Up to Record with Good Composition

Part of an on-going series about how to make great videos, without needing specialized tools. Read more here. Last time, we talked about backgrounds and lighting. This time, we’ll discuss composition. Composition is a term that painters and filmmakers use to talk about where everything fits in a picture. Good composition will be visually interesting,


The Kaltura VPaaS Website – Behind the Scenes

We’ve recently launched VPaaS [Kaltura Video as a Service]. Our mission with VPaaS‘ is to significantly reduce time to market and make it simple to build video based applications and workflows, and grow quickly without worrying about the “video pipeline” – eliminating all of the complexities involved in handling both Live and VOD at scale: ingestion, transcoding, structured and time-coded metadata,

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It’s All in a Face

“We don’t need a video platform,” we sometimes hear. “We have an amazing intranet with written guides for all of our processes. Our CEO sends out a written Christmas “end of year” update which everyone loves. We have a really great team of in-house trainers and we don’t run large events. What do we need

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Webcasting by Role: Webcasting Presenters

A few weeks ago, we talked about webcasting from the producer’s point of view. Now, let’s take a look at webcasting presenters. Making sure that the presenter is confident in both the material and the webcasting tools is the key to a smooth, engaging presentation. Key Tips for Webcasting Presenters Planning Don’t wing it. Script