TV Trends in LATAM – Media & Service Providers Get Back to Basics in Latin America

In recent years, going direct-to-consumer has been a major global trend in the cloud TV and IPTV space. Today, more and more service providers and media companies are joining in, flooding the market with new services, skinny bundles, and TV Everywhere offerings. However, the Latin American TV scene seems to be taking a more old-school


Not All Interactive Video Solutions Are Created Equal

By Erika Trautman, CEO & Founder, Rapt Media Not all interactive video solutions in the marketplace today are created equal—especially when it comes to their ability to deliver measurable return on investment. Before we get into the different types available, let’s establish why you should care about interactive video in the first place. Why interactive


5 Common Pitfalls in Lecture Capture

Earlier this week, we discussed some of the common pitfalls in lecture capture educational institutions encounter. Now, we’ve summed it up in this easy infographic. If you’re looking to install or expand a lecture capture solution, don’t get caught by some of the common traps. See how you can make sure your lecture capture works

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Avoiding the Biggest Mistakes in Lecture Capture

by Wes Haverlah Your campus needs a lecture capture solution. Maybe you’re just starting out; maybe you’re trying to make the jump from recording one or two of the biggest lecture halls to more comprehensive coverage. Either way, you can’t afford too many mistakes. Want to know how to avoid some of the big potential


Data Privacy and Personal Rights When Using Video in the Enterprise

Data privacy is a very hot topic subject in many organizations. There are legal requirements but also company policies that might vary across different companies. The following FAQ is intended to answer the most common questions around personal data privacy and usage of video in the enterprise. Q&A on Data Privacy Q: What rights do


The 6 Types of Webcasting Attendees

We all know webcasts are one of the fastest growing ways for companies to get out a specific message. But not all webcast viewers are alike. Who’s in your webcasting audience? And what can you do to make sure your webcast appeals to each of them? We’ve put together a quick infographic for you. Think


How Lecture Capture is Being Approached in 2017

In previous weeks, we’ve been examining some of the results of The State of Video in Education 2017 – A Kaltura Report. Today, let’s take a look at one of today’s hot topics: Lecture Capture. Lecture Capture Today While lecture capture has become an increasingly hot topic in education, at the moment, it’s still far


The Kids of Today Are the Students and Employees of Tomorrow

Let’s talk about kids a little bit. My kids. How Kids Use Screens Today Entertain Themselves My kids love to play Minecraft. It started couple of years ago with my 9 years old, and now his younger brothers play as well, even the 5 years old. They take their imaginary worlds of knights, secret agents, family and

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Using VR 360 Video as a Teaching Tool

We’ve talked before about the power of 360 video. There’s a huge potential for polished, high production pieces to fully immerse people in another world. But there’s also a lot of potential for the DIY crowd these days, using (relatively) inexpensive cameras and a little video editing software. So we decided to take a look


Last Chance to Take the State of Video in the Enterprise Survey for 2017!

It’s not too late! You can still join hundreds of enterprise professionals from every industry, around the world, in taking Kaltura’s State of Video in the Enterprise 2017 survey! In previous years, hundreds of professionals from organizations around the world have responded. They came from every vertical, and shared opinions on everything from how often