Fighting digital piracy
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Fighting Digital Piracy

Adrian Pennington on The Write Stuff cited an article in Broadcast recently that’s worth taking a look at. As illegal streaming continues to rise, he examines some of the measures that broadcasters are taking against digital piracy to protect their media investment. He notes, Brand protection service NetNames reckons that more than 23% of web

How to use internal video
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Successful Internal Video Strategies

Recently, I chaired a Global Executives Event in Amsterdam. Companies from various parts of Europe converged to discuss how to unleash digital internal communications in enterprise. Experts from Fortune 500 and 1000 companies presented some of the internal video communications challenges that they have been facing, and shared their strategies for overcoming these problems. As someone

webcasting for producers
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Webcasting by Role: Webcasting Producers

So you want to create a webcast. Who’s involved? We’re going to take a look at some of the roles involved in making an awesome webcast, from webcasting producers to presenters to the audience. The Producers: The most important people in the webcast. They make sure that everything is set up, that people show up,

Infographic: State of Video in Education 2016

What’s the State of Video In Education?

Yesterday, we released the results of our third annual survey, The State of Video in Education 2016 – A Kaltura Report. We talked to educators, instructional designers, media and IT professionals, senior administrators, and students. Respondents came from higher education institutions, K-12 schools, ed tech companies, and educational nonprofits and institutions from around the world.

Using video analytics for enterprise
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Through The (Video Analytics) Looking Glass

Use of video in the Enterprise is on the rise. For most large companies, video is now a crucial part of corporate communications, training and marketing initiatives. But how do you measure the true value of any enterprise video initiative? Analyze. Analyze. Analyze. Most video analytics solutions will provide you data on “total views”, “average

Video production tips
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How to Make Great Videos: Setting Up to Record High Quality Audio

Part of an on-going series about how to make great videos, without needing specialized tools. Read more here. Not everyone has access to a full studio. But a few easy steps can make a big difference. In this post, we’ll talk about some simple steps for high quality audio. There are steps you can take to

video across the campus
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Video Across the Campus

Are you making the most of your video technology? Campuses have embraced video for teaching and learning. Whether as part of course packets, through lecture capture, in online courses, even as part of student assignments and faculty feedback, video is increasingly being used by educational institutions to help improve learning outcomes. But many institutions are

Social media is disrupting education
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Universities Are Being Disrupted

I finished my undergraduate studies almost exactly one year ago. In the unusual position of having recently been an undergraduate, as well as having four immediate family members working in academia and university administration, and working myself at an educational technology firm, I have had cause to become concerned with the narrative surrounding universities in

11 Steps to a Flawless Webcast

Run the Perfect Webcast

Webcasting is increasingly a key tool for internal corporate communications. With many companies more spread out than ever before, it’s no longer possible to get everyone in the same place for a company meeting. Webcasting makes it possible to align global teams and share a unified company vision, no matter where employees are. When 92%

Key points for a video portal
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Your Next Post-It Note

A decision to introduce a video portal to your organization has been made or currently in process, and you are in charge. Whether you are an IT person, HR Manager, a Marketer or from any specific business unit, you are probably asking yourself – “How do I make sure this is a success story? My