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Changing Employee Behavior through Video

One of the hardest challenges for a business is trying to make a widespread change in employee behavior. The key? Video. Delivering information in a more engaging, easily absorbed format helps makes it more likely that the information will sink in. It spurs people to action far more effectively (and cost-effectively) than most other methods.

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Ticket to the Flipped Classroom

At the University of Portland, professors knew that lectures were not always the best way to teach students. Long lectures were “dry, lifeless” and not as effective as more kinesthetic learning. Using hands-on material — to teach disease processes in the nursing curriculum, for example — was far superior. So they flipped the classroom, using video

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Scaling and Personalizing Practical Training with Video

Video training has already become a well-acknowledged method for increasing the effectiveness of training while decreasing the resources needed. But most often, the video flows only from instructor to student. To truly harness the power of video to allow asynchronous, engaging learning, it’s necessary to allow the video to flow the other way, through video


Deck the Halls with Lots of Video

The holidays are in the air! From bright lights to red cups at Starbucks, the holiday season can be felt all around. The holiday spirit is not just about chestnuts and green sweaters; it is much more than what meets the eye. That all-encompassing feeling leaves such a strong impression on us and becomes a part

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How to Make an In-House Video Campaign Painlessly, Using the Resources you Already Have

A Tuesday morning in September found me penning an email to my male office colleagues: “Gentlemen – I kindly ask that you refrain from using the men’s restrooms on the third floor. You might find your actions immortalized on camera forever.” It seems like an odd request to make, but I assure you I have

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The Results Are In: Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management

As we begin to wrap up the year, we were delighted to have been positioned as a Leader in the Gartner 2016 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management [1]. Enterprises are increasingly under pressure to manage their video content effectively. To help businesses choose the best technology provider for their needs, Gartner prepares this annual


What Corporate Learning Can Learn from Higher Education

The use of streaming video as an on-demand communication media is one of the few technology spaces where Higher Education is actually a few years ahead of the adoption curve than Enterprise. Enterprise businesses have adopted video conferencing and web conferencing for real-time, synchronous communication (i.e., virtual meetings), but for whatever reason, the story often


Show Me! Why Video Is Best for Corporate Communications, Training and Marketing

During my career as a professional videographer, editor, and producer, I learned first-hand the power of video. Minor tweaks in the framing of shots, the timing of sequences, or the lighting of an interviewee made a big difference. I could grab the viewer’s attention, hold it longer, and improve the impact of my message.  While

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Kaltura Video Tips: Post-Production

Last week, we talked about how you can make a video with great audio quality, without breaking the bank on expensive microphones or other equipment. So now you have your video footage. But if you aren’t a professional video editor, how do you edit it so it looks nice? In this final video, we talk

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eCDN and the Future Impact of Video on Your Network

People see the streaming of video growing, not just in their personal lives, but in their professional lives as well. Video has amazing benefits for business. Yet it comes with a price—video can also take a huge amount of storage and bandwidth to handle. For many businesses, it is not clear how much space is