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Great Expectations – Video in the Learning Process

It’s the beginning of a new school year and thousands of students will make their first step through those big doors. Some things will never change: the anticipation, the stress, and the excitement. Other things are constantly changing. The person coming through the door today has had a very different experiences from the person who


Why Kaltura’s Participation in the Privacy Shield is a Big Deal

The information age’s miraculous ability to share ideas, sounds, and images with anyone, anywhere, is made possible by an open and interconnected architecture of cables, servers, relays and switches that span the entire globe. But the ability to exchange information globally rests also on another network of interconnected national rules, regulations, and treaties that reconcile


How to Make Great Videos: Setting Up to Record with Good Backgrounds

Part of an on-going series about how to make great videos, without needing specialized tools. Read more here. Last time, we talked about how to avoid audio distractions. In this post, we’ll give some suggestions for how to avoid visual distractions. Video Backgrounds When you plan where you’re going to shoot your video, you want


What Latin America Looks for in an OTT Platform

2016 is the year that OTT ecosystems took Latin America by storm. Media companies, service providers and telcos have been finding that the key to customer happiness is offering an extra over-the-top (OTT) service to provide more of the content the customers love. From Latin American broadcasters like Turner to satellite and MSOs like DirectTV and even Telcos like


What Do You Think of Enterprise Video?

Do you want to help shape the future of enterprise video? Every year, Kaltura runs one of the largest surveys on enterprise video and compiles the results into a report used throughout the industry. (Missed last year’s? Check it out here.) Last year, hundreds of professionals from organizations around the world responded. They came from all industries,


Millennials and Video

Since Johannes Gutenberg created the printing press in 1440, text has been the preferred and most cost effective delivery method to share content from one person to another since the eve of man. Today?  The preferred method of communication and taking in content by the planet’s latest generation, the Millennials, is in fact, video. Few


YouTube or a Standalone Online Video Platform?

When thinking of an online video platform, the first word that comes to mind is almost always “YouTube.” This is hardly a surprise, given that YouTube has over one billion users—around a third of all of the people on the Internet. Indeed, thanks to the proliferation of YouTube, there has never been an easier way

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Implementing Content Aware Encoding (CAE)

Recently, we were delighted to make a change that will improve bandwidth management for our customers. The Kaltura transcoding logic now applies Content Aware Encoding (CAE) to all content ingested into Kaltura (with exceptions made for a few specific customers to account for their special needs.) What’s Content Aware Encoding (CAE)? Until fairly recently, video


6 Ways to Increase Your Video ROI

You know video can help drive your business. But do you know how to maximize your video ROI? You keep hearing how much video can increase your enterprise’s efficiency, customer relations, lead generation, employee satisfaction, and more. You may be using video throughout your organization. But are you really getting the most bang for your


Power Users: The Key to Your Success

You’re in the Manager’s weekly meeting on Monday morning and the focus is communication. Top of the agenda is revamping how your folks at the top table share their vision with employees and also how your own teams communicate with each other across the globe. Jack, the intern who has been working in the finance