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The Secret to a Successful Enterprise Video Platform RFP

Here at Kaltura, we love video. We not only love it, we also really believe in it. We believe that video is not only continuously growing in volume, but that the number and breadth of use cases that require support is growing as well. We believe that video has become mission critical for organizations and

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What’s the State of Video in the Enterprise in 2016?

Yesterday, we released the results of our third annual survey, The State of Video in the Enterprise 2016: A Kaltura Report. We talked to nearly 500 professionals in businesses around the world, from the associate level to the C-suite. They represented IT, Training, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Product, HR, Finance, Management, and more. We received responses

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Kaltura Video Tips: Recording Audio

We talked about how to record a great video without pro equipment or a crew. But audio can be even more important than video. How do you make sure your video sounds just as great as it looks?  Let’s talk audio: background noise, synching, and…equipment. But we’re not talking about spending a fortune on professional

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Designing OTT TV Apps with the Living Room in Mind

As connected TV devices become more popular, it’s no longer enough to create an OTT experience designed just for web and mobile apps. Today, the 10-foot experience is becoming just as important. Customer expectations are rising. When your screen fits in your hand and your point of comparison is YouTube, a high-quality experience has one set

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Bare-Bones Lecture Capture: Video on a Budget

Previously, Russ Lichterman from Wilmington University offered some ideas for building a portable studio on a budget and finding affordable encoders for live streaming. Today, he offers suggestions creating for a very inexpensive, bare-bones lecture capture room that works with Kaltura CaptureSpace. This room is a pilot “smart” classroom that needed to be upgraded to

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Kaltura Video Tips: Recording Video

Last week, we shared a video on how to prepare to create awesome video, without needing a professional crew or studio. Now we continue showing you how to make better video. Today, we explore the actual recording process. How do you choose good lighting? What about backdrops? Find out what you need to do while

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Leader in Online Video Platforms for Sales and Marketing Report

Today we were pleased to announce that Kaltura was among the select companies that Forrester Research Inc. invited to participate in its report, The Forrester Wave™: Online Video Platforms For Sales and Marketing, Q4 2016. In the report, Kaltura was cited as a Leader. According to the report: “Kaltura is an all-in-one product that excels


Creating a new REST server

During the last few years while working at Kaltura I have written, with my team members, many REST client libraries in many languages (including Python, Java, PHP, Javascript, ActionScript, C#, Erlang, ObjectiveC, and Ruby) against different servers. We also implemented REST servers in different languages (PHP, C#, NodeJS). The REST standard is wide, and yet the

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Why Admissions Officers are Turning to Video

The Difficulty Admissions Officers Face Our CEO has a favorite phrase, “doing good and doing well”. It’s not that he’s a Kantian or an ascetic, but rather that he strives to do the right thing while serving as an effective steward for his institution. Admissions officers are stewards of the financial well-being, membership, and reputations

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Kaltura Video Tips: Preparation

Over the past few months, we’ve been running a series of tips on how to make great videos without being a video professional. Now it’s time to put our money where our mouth is: we made some videos! First up: Preparation. How do you prepare to film your video? Take a look at some quick tips