Implementing Agile Methodologies in a Professional Services Organization

This is the second post in a series about Kaltura’s Professional Services practice. For an introduction to our group and what we do, take a look at the first post: “Professional Services and You: What Do Professional Services Do, Anyway?”. Introduction Kaltura’s Professional Services department works with our larger clients to ensure a smooth integration


Technology in Education – A Forecast for 2018

2018 will see the rise of data-led student retention, flexible classroom design, digital transformation (and yes, VR) in our universities. With vice chancellors’ pay and student debt seemingly grabbing all the headlines, it’s sometimes easy to forget about the wonderful transformations undertaken by our universities to enhance the student experience. Here are some key themes that


How Businesses Really Used Video in 2017

Last month, we ran a webinar sharing the results of our State of Video in the Enterprise survey from 2017. During the webinar, though, we also asked our participants some questions about how their businesses really used video last year. Watching Video for Business How much video are people actually watching as part of their

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Kaltura Hackathon 2018

As per Kaltura tradition, we started the new year with a bang, holding our annual Hackathon! 19 teams of coders, developers, programmers, and other Kaltura professionals got together for 3 days full of innovation, development, and a lot of empty takeout containers, to present what they believe is the future of TV and online video.

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Who Does What? Setting Up Your Webcasting Team

I was recently talking to a new webcasting client, and they wanted to know more about how to set up their webcasting team. Which department did the team sit with? How many people would need to be involved? How had other customers formed their teams around webcasting? It wasn’t the kind of question that has


The Doctor’s Dilemma: Can Video Save a Surgery?

The other day, I was talking to a friend at Pilates. She’s a gynecologist specializing in in vitro fertilization. A big part of her job revolves around her ability to perform delicate surgery. She was telling me how recently she had been in the middle of an operation when abruptly, the operating microscope she was


Intermodality Offers Students Deeper Learning Experiences: Thanks to Liam Neeson and Co.

There are many wonderful resources to draw on when teaching the rich history of the British Isles: Medieval texts like the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and Domesday Book have survived intact, while exquisite works of art like the Bayeux Tapestry and the vivid paintings of J.M.W Turner offer wonderful contemporary visuals. And then there’s Liam Neeson, of


Why Use Video for Business?

A few weeks ago, we released the report from our annual State of Video in the Enterprise 2017 survey. We’ve talked about some of the most popular uses for video that were revealed by the survey. But why do people use video for business in the first place? The Value of Video for Business When

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Sports Over IP – Cloud TV’s Slam Dunk Against Traditional Pay TV

Sports-centric Cloud TV and OTT services look like they are planning to knock it out of the park this year, taking on traditional television for the title of “Champion Live Sports Provider.” For the past few years, the idea of live sports over IP was considered a pipedream. However, if Hulu’s recently launched live TV


CSU-Chico’s Journey Towards Digital Accessibility

Many schools are in the process of making their content more accessible. But what are the steps needed to get there? Check out this infographic mapping out California State University – Chico’s path to digital accessibility. CSU-Chico’s journey towards digital accessibility CSU-Chico was founded in 1887. Today, more than 17,000 students are enrolled. In 2004,