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Plugins-Free WebRTC Based Peer 2 Peer Video Delivery – HTML5 Video

Peer-to-peer has always been a disruptive technology, enabling new applications and high efficiency. It has become an essential building block for distributed, scalable services such as Skype, Bittorrent and more. Until today, the P2P has been absent in the rich world of the Web. Various plugins tried to fill this gap but lacked standard conformance


On Ability vs. Disability: Working with Epilepsy

Today is a really important day for me for two reasons: 1. This week, I will celebrate the anniversary of my first year at Kaltura! 2. Today is Global Epilepsy Awareness Day.   To many of my friends and colleagues, it will come as a surprise that I have epilepsy. It’s not something that I shout


The Launch of The Kaltura Education User Group (Video)

Tuesday 19th March saw the launch of the Kaltura Education User Group in London. Kicking off at 11am, attendees met at The Harrison Pub in Camden to hear two great speakers, to share their experiences and to network. First up was Mark Stubbs (@thestubbs), Head of eLearning at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU). Mark showcased how

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What to Produce First – Viral Videos or Product Videos? Best Practices For Your Online Video Marketing Strategy (Video)

Many companies wish that their videos would go viral. There’s no doubt that you know you’ve created the ultimate marketing campaign, when your viewers do much of the distribution for you. However, most companies have a limited video production budget. So what is more important and how should they prioritize their video production queue? Usually