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“Creating Value with Video” Series – Redman Technologies and Online Marketing (Video)

Video is one of the hottest online trends today.  Countless white papers, case studies and tweets try to explain why video is the way to go. And while those communications are helpful, the best method to learn about the benefits of online video is to listen to the stories of companies that are already using it. In the coming weeks, The Creating

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5 Ways Social Enterprise Apps Are More Than Just Talk

This is a guest blog post written by Ashley Furness from Software Advice. She focuses on various topics related to CRM software, sales, customer service and marketing strategy.   Until recently, I might have called Microsoft crazy to drop $1.2 billion on social enterprise app vendor Yammer. The business case for replicating popular social networking functionality in

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Video is a Golden Ticket to the Knowledge Economy

We know that today we are living in the age of the so-called knowledge economy. This is a natural shift from the (previous) industrial economy that ruled our world before terms like microprocessors, and Facebook were born. So today the knowledge economy is all about innovation… and in the realm of enterprises that means

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Highlights from The Community Leadership Summit (Video)

When was the last time you have been to a conference with no pre-defined schedules, no official presentations, no slides, very few sponsors but full of professionals who master their craft and eager to share their thoughts. Sounds awesome? Well, welcome to The Community Leadership Summit (CLS). The conference took place in Portland, Oregon last week, just before OSCON started. As always, we

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Using Video Indexing to Unlock Your Audio and Video: Kaltura Integration with Yactraq

Kaltura has recently integrated with Yactraq, a cloud based video indexing platform. Yactraq is a valued Kaltura Exchange partner that provides video indexing services & video metadata, allowing video publishers to make their videos accessible, searchable, and discoverable. In 2011 the US market generated more than $8 billion in text based contextual advertising revenue.  Meanwhile,

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Optimize Video Conference Content Management With Vidyo and Kaltura (Video)

The Vidyo booth was extremely busy at InfoComm 2012 last week. We joined Vidyo at the booth as well and had a great time. And it’s no wonder it was busy, Vidyo’s unique telepresence solution which delivers low latency HD-quality multipoint video conferencing over ordinary data networks to any end-point, generated a load of positive

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Want to Improve Search and Video Recommendations? Try The New Tags Editor

Tags are awesome, but only if you really give them the attention they deserve. Just like kids (or pets) each one is different and deserves special care. However, what do you do when you have 100s of them? We had this problem with the Kaltura Video Portal and we needed a smarter way for metadata management. While the KMC (Kaltura’s