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Behind the Camera: Kaltura’s Town Hall

As a product manager, I often speak to webcasting event managers, producers, and presenters. I try to understand the workflows for an event at each company and listen to the pain points and how we can improve. However, nothing can teach you more than really sitting in the pilot’s chair, walking in the customer’s shoes,

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Oh No! Avoiding Webcasting Disasters

We’ve all been to events that had some very visible technical difficulties. How do you make sure you’re not embarrassed at your next webcast? In this quick infographic, get a list of some of the top webcasting disasters—and how you can avoid them. Want more details on avoiding a webcasting disaster? Watch the webinar “Don’t

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Behind the Scenes of the Live Dashboard

We recently introduced the live dashboard for live and webcasting events. The live dashboard provides feedback on the incoming stream and give proactive advice when something goes wrong. We created this dashboard in response to customer feedback about how their webcasting events were going. We found that many of the issues people have with live

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Oh No! How to Avoid a Webcasting Disaster

Webcasting has become an increasingly mission-critical tool for enterprises. No longer confined to the annual town hall, webcasting is increasingly being used for more frequent, high-stakes events, both internal and external—quarterly strategy sessions, sales kick-offs, board meetings, virtual conferences, and other live marketing events. So if a webcast fails, it can fail spectacularly—and very visibly.


What the Experts Say About…Webcasting

Webcasting has become a major concern for many enterprises, both for internal and external use cases. As a result, many of the analysts in the business community have been paying increased attention to webcasting in general over the last few years. What does the analyst community have to say about webcasting? Why Use Webcasting in

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Uniting Your Team with Webcasting

Teamwork is more critical for a successful business than ever before. At the same time, though, it’s harder than ever to get everyone in one place. Whether because of globalization, remote workers, or ever more complicated travel schedules, today’s teams may rarely all be together in one place. Getting everyone the detailed information they need

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Reinvent Your Company Call with These Easy Tips!

You passed the job interview, now get ready for the audition. Corporations are increasingly using town halls in new and imaginative ways, yet few take it further than one of the world’s biggest social media companies where newbies are asked to share their “super power” live in front of the entire company. “Colleagues have sung,

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Driving Adoption for Webcasting in Your Organization

Whenever a new technology is introduced to the company, we always think about how to bring this technology to each employee. We want our new investment to be used and not forgotten. We invest in so many knowledge-sharing tools, learning and development tools, and collaboration tools. But without a clear path for adoption within the

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Archiving Webcasts

There are two ways to set up the URL for a webcast. With one method, there is a target URL from which live broadcasts are made; the resulting recordings are then found elsewhere. With the other, a single URL is assigned to the entire event; the recording continues to be found at that persistent URL


How Businesses Really Used Video in 2017

Last month, we ran a webinar sharing the results of our State of Video in the Enterprise survey from 2017. During the webinar, though, we also asked our participants some questions about how their businesses really used video last year. Watching Video for Business How much video are people actually watching as part of their