After countless hours of work, numerous edits, and seemingly an infinite amount of caffeine, you have finally finished creating your video. Now comes the hard part, how do you get people to watch it? Unless you are a major publisher, you will probably find it difficult to have your content stand out amongst the endless sea of videos online without shelling out big bucks.

At least that used to be the case. Thanks to content recommendation and distribution platforms like Taboola, you can more efficiently and effectively monetize your content and build your audience by having your content matched to the right viewers on top sites such as BBC, TMZ, and

 Join Kaltura and Taboola for a free webinar that will cover do’s and dont’s of content discovery, share case studies of today’s leaders in video, and enable you time for Q&A.

This live webinar will be hosted on Thursday, July 18 at 2pm (EST). The date is approaching fast, so make sure you register today!

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