About 2 weeks ago, we started the NYC Monthly JavaScript & HTML5 meetup. In little less than  a week, we’ve received an overwhelming response, with of over 200 members joining. The first meetup took place this past week at the Kaltura NYC office. [Register for the next one here].


Web standards and browser capabilities are advancing rapidly and HTML5 is being more widely adopted by the market. There’s no better time to interact with talented web developers, and to promote the open, standardized future of the web.

Following our long-time advocacy for open video and our work on HTML5Video.org, this monthly meetup is targeted at developers and designers who wish to learn about web-development, collaborate in creating awesome web applications, share ideas and best practices and extend their skills.

The format

We’re experimenting with a new monthly meetup format; The meetup begins with a short series of lightning talks followed by a collaborative group hacking session.
The Show & Tell section is a great kick-start for an evening of learning – it sparks interesting discussions and provides a stage for sharing ideas and skills.
Next, in the Hackfest we break up into groups to hack on projects in a hands-on collaborative environment.

Every 6 months we will hold the “Great Tournament” where groups are able to compete to win great prizes and funding for more significant product development of their projects.

Discussions From Last Meetup

Thanks to our presenters, Kim Burges, Andrew Davis and Dave LeeKim shared her project idea, creating the Online Dance Party project. Andrew gave an insightful talk about leveraging JavaScript unit-testing frameworks and using VMware automation and jQuery TestSwarm to test Kaltura’s HTML5 Video library. And Dave shared the basics of Node.js through a show-case walk-through of his thinkbinder.com collaborative white-board application.

The top discussions were –

Check out the shared group page about web technologies for a taste of what’s being discussed in the group and join us next time.

Also, join us Nov. 29 for the webinar about Unifying the Flash and HTML5 Experiences.

Let the hacking begin!

Website Comments

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  2. Raul Nistor

    Hi, this is my first meetup and would like to know what do i have to bring with me. I’m new to web design and javascript, i know some html and css but would like to learn javascript since i’m working on my own website that deals with google maps api and more.
    Thank you.

  3. Leona Rubin

    I need a rep to join us at my meetup on May 31, 2012 at 7PM. Please join the Javascript and More! party.

  4. Mesh

    Do you have to be a hacker to attend this? Can you be a non-technical guy? I’m just very interesting in learning.

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